n°29 — Girls, the Troopers of Dance. Aesthetization of Politics and Manipulation of Entertainment. Author: Alexandra Midal

n°30 — Types of types: the typographic specimen by Lineto. Author: Olivier Lebrun

n°31 — An Edition: The Serving Library. Interview with Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey by James Langdon

32 — A Graphic Designer and Illustrator: Bráulio Amado. Author: Manon Bruet

n°33 — Ligneous, tentacular forms: Man-eating plants and decorative invasions. Author: Camille Pageard

n°34 — An award: What is a most beautiful book? Author: Thierry Chancogne

n°35 — An eye: artists’ view of the modern world 1911 – 1938. Author: Sonia de Puineuf

n°36 — Photography suspended: Herbert Bayer. Author: Remi Parcollet

n°37 — Critical distances: Georges Nelson, concerns and warnings of a modernist. Author: Catherine Geel

n°38 — Special Issue: A debate: Jan Van Toorn / Wim Crouwel. Author: Thierry Chancogne

n°39 — A series of cards and performances: My Calling (Card) #1 #2 #3 by Adrian Piper. Author: Jérôme Dupeyrat

n°40 — A Collaboration : Les Urbaines & Eurostandard. Author: Manon Bruet

n°41 — The Image of Fashion: Forget (fashion) photography? Author: Aude Fellay

n°42 —12 ou 13 things I know about: F.R.DAVID. Authors : Victoire Le Bars and Benjamin Thorel

n°43 — A typeface: “Typographic writing”. Author: Thierry Chancogne

n°44 — A conundrum: the visual communication of neuroscience. Author: James Langdon

n°45 — Made Redundant (4 Templates). Author: Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey

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