To look at things

The Revue Faire project started in 2016, in light of a realization that critical publications dedicated to the analysis of Graphic Design are sadly few and far between today, particularly in France, but also in Europe as a whole.

Adopting an analytical and critical posture with regard to the forms and activities of Graphic Design, in 2017 Sacha Léopold and François Havegeer established a print publication that deals with these practices. Published every 15 days, Revue Faire invites various authors (writers, designers, design historians) to contribute. The list of contributors includes Mathias Augustyniak, Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey, Arianne Bosshard, Lise Brosseau, Manon Bruet, Thierry Chancogne, Céline Chazalviel, Jérôme Dupeyrat, Catherine Geel, Catherine Guiral, Étienne Hervy, Olivier Huz, James Langdon, Victoire le Bars, Olivier Lebrun, Julie Martin, Alexandra Midal, Camille Pageard, Remi Parcollet, Sonia de Puineuf, Ziga Testen and Benjamin Thorel.

Revue Faire is published by Empire and designed by Syndicat.




The goals of Faire are as follows:

— To produce a publication based on the rhythm of the school year (appearing from October to June), for undergraduate students as well as researchers and professionals, documenting contemporary and international practices along with the history and grammar of style.
— To publish 15 bilingual (English/French 30000+30000 characters), A4, 20–28 page issues per year.
— To document each issue as a unique, tentacular subject addressed by a renowned author, by encountering the authors and Graphic Designers involved.
— To consider and print an iconography that is specific to these subjects.
— To focus on emblematic practices that go beyond questions set by current trends and the perishable nature of a magazine.
— To allow authors to submit their intentions concerning thematic openings without imposing a particular subject to be treated.
— To offer subscriptions on a twice-monthly basis. You can now order two complete packs of 15 issues!